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Livie & Luca

Addy's Closet is excited to carry Livie & Luca shoes on our web site, and many moms are so in love with these super cute and adorable shoes! "Livie & Luca children's shoes incorporate brightly colored leathers, bold designs and whimsical modern touches that capture the playful essence of childhood. Livie & Luca's designs are inspired by nature, folklore and the rich imagination of children. Their comfortable construction allows kids to navigate playgrounds, city streets and dirt pathways with style and ease." Three moms started Livie & Luca shoes because there were no other shoes on the market with the modern designs, flexible soles at an affordable price. Soon, Livie & Luca was born, with the fitting tagline "Adorable shoes for adorable feet." Livie & Luca incorporates eco-friendly practices wherever possible and the company has a commitment to the environment combined with fresh designs to create a unique shoe for boys and girls.